Some Problem faced by English Education department Graduation

Some Problem Faced by English Student Learners (ESL)


Nowadays, our government is facing many problem. We still find the poverty, stupidity of the people around our environment and something which is interesting for our life is about sphere of activity (field of occupation). These condition which is not balanced between manpower who available and the sphere of activity which is needed may cause the various problem. One of them is jobless.

The jobless isn’t a new problem for us. All of us realize that the jobless may cause negative effect. Such as juvenile of young delinquency, pillaging, gambling, deceit, etc. we often read a newspaper oe magazine, we often watch TV and listen to the Radio, the events above was  happened almost everyday. Of cours, those events have various ways and systems, from which use modern system.

Being a student you are not released from the problem above, especially for getting occupation. Also by having a good English skill you have big handicap, whereas the prospective job will be waiting for them.

The Problem

By the reality above the writer then propose the problems that are facing by the ESL,  as follow :

  1. What is the goodwill of English student learners for getting a job or occupation ?
  2. What factors will influence the prospect of English students for getting a job ?


Based on  the problems above, the writer will explain the possibility for solving that problems

  1. The goodwill of English student

Every student has different aim of his life. Of course it will influence the assumption about goodwill of English student learner, both in education or non education

a. Education

In this case, of course we hope to get a good job or getting job in education  field that need English as skill to be required. Therefore we must prepare competence and knowledge of English both oral and written.

b. In non Education

Some one who master in English also has wide chance to enter any kind of field of work ,i.e. in the company, tourism, bank, hotel, etc. in this case they have to prepare theirself by any knowledge that are suitable with their goodwill.

  1. Factors which influence the goodwill of English students

The main factors which influences the goodwill of English students is the quality in education, as having good language skill, having good knowledge in English as international language.

So, what is the impact which influence good quality of English student learning ? Of course for answering this question we must review to the process of education.

a. student

is a student ready to face the job problems concerning with increasing quality. We know the srtudent is an important factors for determining the good quality or not.

b. English Instructor

Base on our experience when we have been studying, they are really ready to transfer English material to the student for geteting success. And also the quality of the englisg instructor will also determine the quality of the educational outcomes.

c. Material

How about the material ? is it relevant with the students need  ? especially in speaking?


  1. As ESL don’t be pessimistic about the goodwill for getting a job. By mastering English you still have good future, therefore you should try to prepare yourself by adding knowledge. And you must realize that the quantum as english course will prepare you to get your future
  2. You have to develop the quality of ourself, especially in English. We should know that the existence of our English is very limited. By increasing our skill such as speaking, writing, and other skill, we hope that we will be ready to enter the field of work.
  3. If you still have a good chance it is better for you to add our knowledge by taking courses. For example computer, accountancy, hotel and restaurant, tourism , etc.


Remember that the higher quality outcomes will influence the prospect of your future. And everything about our future depends on ourselves.


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  1. the problem above really happen in our institution, since many of our friend feel affraid with this condition.

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